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  • Today it is more important than ever to have valid information. Valid information is paramount in order to make important decisions necessary to operate in this difficult economic climate. Valid information is necessary to answer the tough questions asked by our decision makers.
  • Fire Agencies will spend many hours putting data into their FireRMS Databases. Now, you have a simplified way to analyze that data and report your findings. When you combine My Fire Rules Trusted Analytics and your FireRMS, a powerful tool is created that lets you easily validate and analyze all of the data you have collected.
  • In order to perform Data Analytics you must build upon a solid foundation. Utilizing My Fire Rules' Automated Quality Assurance with our Data Analytics gives you Trusted Analytics. The combination of a solid data foundation and analytical tools helps you understand all of your FireRMS data (Incident, Patient, Training, Personnel, Occupancies, Hydrant & Other Entry).
  • The end result is better data. Better data leads to better decisions.
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Need image of vehicles validation report/metrics

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