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My Fire Touch:

  • My Fire Touch brings you “Dashboards” where your fire data (ZOLL and others) is visualized within minutes of entry on your phone, tablet, laptop and/or desktop customized for each agency.
  • When combined with “Trusted Analytics” you have “Trusted Dashboards”!
  • Basic Dashboards include customized charts, graphs & lists of your fire data.
  • Premium Dashboards is a customized mapping interface for incidents, occupancies & hydrants.
  • Your fire data can be “pulled” or “pushed” into the Basic Dashboards.
  • Premium Dashboards, your fire data must be “pushed” as well as geocoded using a geocode utility (which we can provide).
  • For more information please email us at Contact US!
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  • With RCB thru EF Recovery, My Fire Rules allows you to:
  • Features:
  • Benefits:
  • Occupancy Billing:
    • Bill for any Action, Finding or Permit used in FireRMS using Occupancy or Contact Information
  • Features:
  • Benefits:

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