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Integrated Billing:

  • It is difficult and redundant to gather the information for Emergency Response Services (ERS) billing and Occupancy/Fire Prevention billing (Inspections, Permits, False Alarms and other miscellaneous billings). Billing for items from your Incident or Occupancy data should be integrated so that no additional effort is needed to glean "billable activities" from the normal everyday activities being done by your personnel.
  • Using Integrated Billing with Trusted Analytics automates both ERS and Occupancy/Fire Prevention billing. Integrated Billing automates the billing process by sensing which items are billable and then forwarding them for billing. Occupancy bills and payments can be stored back into FireRMS to complete the circle. Use Integrated Billing to streamline your billing processes and to significantly increase revenue & lower costs.
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  • With RCB thru EF Recovery, My Fire Rules allows you to:
    • Completely configure Billing Rules to meet your needs
    • Capture specific additional data for EF Recovery with Custom Tabs and additional Rules
    • Validate according to your Local Ordinances for RCB
      • Bill exactly for what Ordinances allow
      • Automated data upload to EF Recovery website
  • Features:
    • Automated claim submittal within 10-minutes of “Complete” status of the Incident report
    • Ability to perform logic checks for one field against any other field anywhere in the record
    • Explain the Error Message in “Plain English” - the way you speak
    • Ability to add descriptive data to error messages, using the data that was entered and explain how it cannot logically be correct compared to another part of the report's data
      • Sample Rules supplied as a starting place
      • Share Rules with your neighboring FD
      • Use “Warning Rules” to remind employees of SOPs and other requirements
      • Link Rule to any URL (Intranet or Internet Link)
  • Benefits:
    • Decreased work load for submitting claims
      • Eliminates duplication of data entry
    • Increased accuracy of claims
      • Improves the Data Completeness of EF Recovery Claim data on their website
    • Assures that ALL billable Emergency Responses are entered into the EF Recovery system in a timely fashion
      • Does not rely on personnel remembering to enter data into another system — only FireRMS.
    • Faster turn-around times for RCB Claims
  • Occupancy Billing:
    • Bill for any Action, Finding or Permit used in FireRMS using Occupancy or Contact Information
  • Features:
    • "Rules Based" billable items with flexible options for:
      • Base Fees
      • Cost increases based upon:
        • Number of Living Units
        • Square Footage
        • Time to complete the inspection
        • Number of Heads or Devices
      • False Alarm Responses
  • Benefits:
    • Nightly Automatic gleaning of Billable Items entered that day in FireRMS
    • Verification of Billing information before an Invoice is created (with revert)
    • Flexible "Invoicing Date" upon creation of Invoice
    • Processing of Invoices may be done Locally or Exported to Accounting
    • Permit Printing upon Payment of Invoices
    • Local Invoicing Options:
      • Customer Artwork for Invoices & Permits
      • Customer Notes for Invoice / Permit Items
      • Aging options for Re-Billing