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Date: 4/16/2015
My Fire Rules Version: 3.8.30
FireRMS Version: Applies to FireRMS 4.15 and up
Level: Workaround

Date: 12/6/2012
My Fire Rules Version: 3.5.37
FireRMS Version: Applies to FireRMS 4.12 and up
Level: Workaround

It is very important that you keep your My Fire Rules programs “up to date”!

  • Background:
    • FireRMS5_Reporter is a read only user in the SQL database. With the release of FireRMS 4.12 and My Fire Rules 3.5 and higher there is the ability to replace FireRMS5_Reporter with a different user/username. Allowing for this possibility can create problems in a few computers when our “silent ODBC Check” attempts to create files on the local drive. Please note that in order for FireRMS to function properly local read write permissions are needed on the entire FireRMS install directory. This is usually “ C:\FireRMS5sql”. Your install directory may be different. Please contact your system administrator if you have any questions about this
  • Problem:
    • Some users may get this error: “Cannot create file when validating in FireRMS Version 4.12”
  • Resolution:
    • Steps to resolve the issue:
      • Option 1
        • Close out FireRMS
        • Open Windows explorer and go to the C:\Firerms5sql folder
        • Double-click on the “myvalidator.exe” file
        • Follow through with using “MyValidator”
          • Click on the “Locate & Validate” Button
          • Select an Incident and click the validate Button
        • If you got this far, check that there is now a file named “mv.mem” in the C:\Firerms5sql folder (make note of this)
        • Close out the “MyValidator” program
        • Start FireRMS as you normally would
          • Choose an Incident Report
          • Go to the Authorization tab and “Validate”
          • You should obtain your Validation Report
    • IF the Above Process DID NOT WORK, use Option 2
      • Option 2
        • Obtain a “mv.mem” file from one of your other computers that IS validating reports
          • If you do not have one, please contact The Rules Guys for MyFireRules support and we will provide you a “mv.mem” file
        • Copy the “mv.mem” file that you got from another “C:\firerms5sql\” folder into the “C:\firerms5sql\” folder of the computer that is having the issue
        • Go back to Option 1 (above) this should work, if not please call The Rules Guys (360-941-1046)

Date: 10/20/2008
My Fire Rules Version: 2.5
FireRMS Version: Applies to FireRMS 4.3.109 on SQL 2000
Level: Mandatory Upgrade for My Fire Rules 2.5 and lower

It is very important that you keep your My Fire Rules programs “up to date”!

  • Always, AFTER updating your ZOLL FireRMS Database, make sure to check the Status of your My Fire Rules TRIGGER; it may need to be re-Loaded.
  • We have seen that when Updating a FireRMS Database to 4.3.108/9 on SQL 2000, the Trigger that prevents users from saving the "Complete" checkbox when there are Fatal errors sometimes is removed by SQLUtils. This will fix that problem. Use the provided username and password to download.
  • Unzip the file and run the sql file in query analyzer.
  • Again this is only for those installations of Zoll RescueNet FireRMS 4.3.109 on SQL 2000.