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Date: 6/17/2009
My Fire Rules Version: X.X
FireRMS Version: Applies to SQL 2000 / SQL 2005
Level: N/A

It is very important that you keep your My Fire Rules programs “up to date”!

  • If you use Microsoft SQL Server 2000, please be careful when using the “Effective Date” field, especially when applying an “Effective Date” to Narrative Rules. We have found that there is a “T-SQL syntax difference” between Microsoft SQL 2000 and Microsoft SQL 2005 that has caused a FALSE Reading to be returned by our Validation Trigger in the following instance.
  • If there is an “Effective Date” enabled on a Narrative Rule that checks for missing Narratives.
  • We highly recommend that IF you choose to place an “Effective Date” on ALL of your Rules that you do so carefully. Our recommendation is that you follow one of these plans for doing so:
    • Plan 1: (preferred method)
      • Enter the Effective Date for the Rule
      • Test the Validation using My Validator (and the Validation Button)
      • Updated FTP Credentials used in the program to be more secure
        • on a report that has a “known violation” for this Rule
        • on a report that is know to have no errors
      • Test the Trigger by checking the complete box on the report (that was “Not Complete”) and exiting the Report
        • A “Transaction Rollback” should be expected on the report with a “known violation” for this Rule
        • There should NOT be a “Transaction Rollback” on the report that is known to have no errors
    • Plan 2: (optional method)
      • Enter the Effective Date for the Rule on NO MORE than 5 Rules at a time
      • If you get reports of problems with the Trigger
        • Reporting a Fatal Error when the Validation Report says “No Errors” Then you need to remove the “Effective Date”s from ALL 5 Rules and test those Rules using Plan 1 above

Date: 10/20/2008
My Fire Rules Version: 2.5
FireRMS Version: Applies to FireRMS 4.3.109 on SQL 2000
Level: Mandatory Upgrade for My Fire Rules 2.5 and lower

It is very important that you keep your My Fire Rules programs “up to date”!

  • Always, AFTER updating your ZOLL FireRMS Database, make sure to check the Status of your My Fire Rules TRIGGER; it may need to be re-Loaded.
  • We have seen that when Updating a FireRMS Database to 4.3.108/9 on SQL 2000, the Trigger that prevents users from saving the “Complete” checkbox when there are Fatal errors sometimes is removed by SQLUtils. This will fix that problem. Use the provided username and password to download.
  • Unzip the file and run the sql file in query analyzer.
  • Again this is only for those installations of Zoll RescueNet FireRMS 4.3.109 on SQL 2000.