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  • "The addition of the Metrics Toolkits (Pivot Tables) has been very beneficial to our organization. The ease in which we can mine data from our RMS has improved immensely. A side benefit that we had not expected, was the ability to hone in on bad data and correct it before printing reports making our reports that much more accurate. With some knowledge of Excel and initial training with pivot tables this tool is an excellent addition to our software inventory."

    Roy, Lt. RMS QA Officer, South King Fire and Rescue, WA

  • "I just had to tell you that my 'former report reviewers' LOVE you and your product (My Fire Rules)! The amount of time that we spend double-checking the data quality of our FireRMS reports has been dramatically reduced since we implemented My Fire Rules and have never been happier with a software purchase, thanks!"

    Brent, NFIRS Data Administrator, Woodinville Fire and Life Safety, WA

  • "We are excited about the ability My Fire Rules gives us in controlling the incorrect and missing data in our FireRMS Incident reports. The implementation went a lot smoother than we had anticipated. We are very happy with the product and the support!!"

    Mary, Fire-IT for Cedar Rapids, IA

  • "My Fire Rules is working out fine and it sure makes reviewing our Incident Reports easier. The guys warmed up to it nicely and I have gotten zero complaints from the crews about the Validate Button."

    Scott, Division Chief, South Lake Tahoe, CA

  • "The really good news is that we've have very few challenges from the troops regarding My Fire Rules, since it went into effect last Thursday. We've had a couple of bumps, but by and large, it was a smooooooth transition. I ran the validation report by incident number and found about 1/2 dozen duplicate record warnings, and have fixed those - scary for me, because I'm not really a SQL person! I "practiced" making the changes on the test database, but was nervous making the changes on the live one!"

    Pauline, Fire-IT for Cedar Rapids, IACA

  • "My Fire Rules has helped our reporting integrity tremendously! Due to the makeup of our system (largely volunteer reporting from multiple stations) QA was very difficult. Now with My Fire Rules, QA is provided immediately; the person making the report is right there and can correct anything necessary at that moment instead of weeks or months later. It has significantly increased the integrity of our data."

    John, Deputy Chief, Albemarle County, Charlottesville, VA